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Mod. 368/PROF/C




AIR OPERATED GREASE PUMP (100:1) for 180-200 kg drums
Complete with cover, spring, pressure plate with membrane, 1.5m high pressure hose, grease gun, trolley for 200kg drum and 15m hose reel





Technical data mod. 366/C/100:1 mod. 367/C/100:1 Mod. 368/C/100:1
Pump ratio
100 : 1
Max delivery pressure
800 Atm. - 12000 Psi
Max working pressure
8 Atm. - 120 Psi
Delivery 2,700 kg/min.
Pumping lenght
450 mm 750 mm 950 mm
Pumping Dia.
28 mm 28 mm 28 mm
Drums 20-30 kg 50-60 kg 180-200 kg
Air consumption
110 lt/min – 8 bar

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