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Mod. 933
Plastic hose reel
Hose lenght: 15m
Complete with swivel bracket
Max Pressure: 30 bar
Max Temperature: +60°

Dimensions (L-P-H) mm  220x310x380

Notizie Utili


Mod. 703 Air blow gun

Mod. 703/LAir blow gun with long spout


Mod. 704 Air gun with manometer


Mod. 610 Manometer


Mod. 706 Fuel air gun


Mod. 705 Spray gun


Mod. 611 Spiral hose 6 m

Mod. 612 Spiral hose 12 m


Group full service station

Mod. 711 Air guns kit
- Mod. 611 Spiral hose
- Mod. 704 Air gun with manometer
- Mod. 703 Air blow gun
- Mod. 705 Spray gun
- Mod. 706 Fuel air gun

Gonfiaggio pneumatici


Mod. 701 Hand inflating pump

Mod. 708 Foot inflating pump with manometer

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