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Manual refill

Mod. 595/A100
High: 135mm - max diameter: 77mm
Thread: 10X1M

Mod. 595/A220
High: 198mm – max diameter: 77mm
Thread: 10X1M

The Automatic Lubricators are able to provide all consistencies of NLGI 0-1-2-3-4 grease at any temperature and operating condition without necessity to change the spring.
Max inlet pressure (when refill the lubricators): 40Bar - 600psi
The firts adjustement serves as "substitute for the springs" and it has 3 adjustements which make reference to the intensity of the grease emission:
(L=Light, M=Medium, H=High)
The second adjustement makes reference to the duration expressed in months:
1 - 3 - 6 - 12
It displays consumption and allows remote control by means of its full transparence.
Immediate activation. No battery or gas. It can be installed indoors, outdoors, remotely, inversely, under water, in either dangerous or uncomfortable points. It keeps lubrication constant and prevents solid matter accumulation. Lubricant installed reserve, reducing lubrication drawbacks, preventing
oversights. It saves production stops and very expensive repairs. Easy and fast mounting.
Environment friendly: refillable more times, it avoids constant disposal expenses.
Fully recyclable.


Mod. 595/R1 
Adapter 10x1”F-1/4”M

Mod. 595/R2
Adapter 10x1”F-1/8”M

Mod. 595/R3 
Adapter 10x1”F-6x1M

Mod. 595/R4
Adapter 10x1”F-8x1M

Electrochemical drive - Universal LITHIUM Grease SF01 - Capacity: 125cc-60cc
Reliables, completely automatic, no maintenance. Work at all position and under water.
Temperature: -20° a + 60° - Max output pressure: 4 bar.
Perma-tec GmbH & Co.KG - Made in Germany
Remove the grease fitting and apply the reducer if necessary.


Mod. 595/R1 
Reducer 10x1”F-1/4”M

Mod. 595/R2
Reducer 10x1”F-1/8”M

Mod. 595/R3 
Reducer 10x1”F-6x1M

Mod. 595/R4
Reducer 10x1”F-8x1M

To have the Automatic Lubricator ready to use
do not forget to order the required thread reducer if necessary.



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