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Mod. PRO19/ANT
Professional hose for anti freeze
(int. diam. 19mm - ext. diam. 28mm)
roll lenght: 25m
Working pressure: 16bar



Mod. 709/AdBlue
Manual nozzle for anti freeze, water and UREA-AdBlue
With hose connector ext. diam. 20mm


Mod. 729/AdBlue
Automatic nozzle for anti freeze, water and UREA-AdBlue
• with swivel connector
• INOX hose connector ext. diam. 20mm
Max flow rate: 40L/Min.
(not designed for gravity use)

Mod. DGT3000
Electronic flow meter for water, anti freeze and UREA AdBlue
• Partial: 5 digits
• Total: 6 digits
• Battery: included (2X1.5V - AAA)
• Precision: ± 1%
• Flow rate min/max: 5/100 L/Min.
• Inlet: 1”M - Outlet: 1”M
• Max pressure: 20 bar
• Dimensions: 100x75x54mm
• Display dimensions: 43x27mm
• Rubber protection included

Electronic flow meter not for resale
Standard version: Inlet down - outlet up
Follow the instruction manual to change the flow.


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