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Mod. 200/EM ELECTRONIC MEASURER only for 200lt drums

• Display: 3 digits
• Operating temperature : -10 +45°C
• Included batteries : 2 X AAA Alkaline
• Thread : ¾”M
• Switch on/off

Do not use the device on barrels containing flammable liquids
or which emit explosive vapors
Do not use the device in barrels positioned on inclined surfaces.
Do not move the barrel with a mounted device.
Do not expose the device to sunlight (this compromises the validity of the measure)
Do not use rechargeable batteries.

200/EM It is an electronic device which, by using ultrasound, is able to calculate the distance from a liquid or a solid, and through an algorithm to transform it into volume. With the calibration preset by the manufacturer, 200EM is able to measure the level of the liquid contained within a barrel with partial opening of standard 200/210 liters. Thanks to its practical shape and easy to read, it can easily be installed on most barrels on the market.


Use and maintenance manual
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