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Mod. DBK125

Mod. DBK1000

DIABOLIK DIESEL BIO KILLER is a diesel-fuel additive made of highly concentrated specific biocide - algaecide, developed with a specific formulation for diesel-fuel tank equipped on vehicles and storage tanks.
This product grants an effective biocide and algaecide effect when major bacteria concentration occurs,thus avoiding filter clogging.

Maintaining ratio:
125ml - 400/800L diesel
Maintaining ratio:
1L each 10.000/15.000L diesel
Maximum ratio:
125ml - 50L diesel
Maximum ratio: 1L each 2.000L diesel


Mod. AA325 NO WATER 325ml

Mod. AA5000 NO WATER 5000ml

Professional product formulated to absorb and remove water traces in the supply system, for petrol and diesel engines, and for use in fixed tanks or larger fuel tanks. The product absorbs and eliminates water in the fuel system. It protects against rust and corrosion. It prevents the formation of ice in the fuel filter, carburetor and in the injection system. It does not damage the oxygen sensor (lambda
sensor) and the catalyst (catalytic converter). Compatible with any exhaust-gas system device.

Maintaining ratio: 325ml - from 30 to 70L diesel
Maintaining ratio: 0,2% (2L each 1000L diesel)
Maximum ratio: 325ml - 5L diesel
Maximum ratio: 0,4% (4L each 1000L diesel)

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