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Removes 350ml of water from diesel fuel tanks


Mod. 24/NWT ABSORBENT STRIPE for Diesel and Biodiesel.
Tank opening diameter 2” or over. Removes 350ml of water from diesel fuel tanks. Absorbs water from the bottom of your fuel tank, contains super-absorbent polymer.
1. Extinguish cigarettes or any other flammable material before opening fuel tank.
2. Be sure diameter of the tank opening will allow the Absorbent stripe to be put into and removed
from tank easily.
3. Hold the cord and lower the Absorbent stripe into the tank.
4. Be sure the cord will allow the Absorbent stripe to lie flat on bottom of tank. (This is where the
water will be.) Shorten cord to remove excess slack.
5. Attach the retrieval cord to allow fuel cap to be replaced, but be available to remove theAbsorbent
stripe when it is full. (Note: The best place to attach the cord is on the underside of the fuel cap.)
6. When the Absorbent stripe starts to absorb water, it will expand. Until this condition occurs it
may remain in the fuel tank, but should be checked in an hour. The Absorbent stripe should be
checked weekly and removed when swollen.
7. Install the Absorbent stripe so you don’t obstruct the fuel outlet or sending unit.
Important Note: alcohol-based fuel additives designed to disperse water will reduce the effectiveness
of the Absorbent stripe.

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